稀有度 3Rarity-3 - 5Rarity-5
職業 魔劍士
主要功能 支援, 物理傷害
性別 男‎
類別 人系
No. 149, 150, 151
信賴獎勵 [[劇毒化劍‎]]



資料 编辑


稀有度 HP MP 攻擊 防禦 魔力 精神 攻擊數 攻擊掉落 經驗值模式
3Rarity-3 1463 79 59 52 64 53 1 6 LB 4
4Rarity-4 1888 102 77 67 83 68 1 8 LB 4
5Rarity-5 2360 127 96 84 104 85 1 10 LB 4

耐性 编辑

Icon-Fire Resistance Icon-Ice Resistance Icon-Lightning Resistance Icon-Water Resistance Icon-Wind Resistance Icon-Earth Resistance Icon-Light Resistance Icon-Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - +50%
Icon-Poison Resistance Icon-Blind Resistance Icon-Sleep Resistance Icon-Silence Resistance Icon-Paralysis Resistance Icon-Confuse Resistance Icon-Disease Resistance Icon-Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

裝備 编辑

Equip-Short Sword Equip-Sword Equip-Axe Equip-Hammer Equip-Spear
Equip-Light Shield Equip-Heavy Shield Equip-Helm Equip-Clothes Equip-Light Armor Equip-Heavy Armor Equip-Accessory
稀有度 能力槽數 等級
3Rarity-3 2 Affinity-Black Lvl 4
4Rarity-4 3 Affinity-Black Lvl 5
5Rarity-5 4 Affinity-Black Lvl 6

固有能力 编辑

特殊 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 MP
3Rarity-3 1 Ability 54 潰力 攻擊一名敵人(1.2x)並降低攻擊(15%)3回合 7
3Rarity-3 1 Ability 54 清魔 攻擊1名敵人(1.2x)並降底魔法(15%)3回合 7
3Rarity-3 13 Ability 77 防禦 +10% DEF +10% -
3Rarity-3 26 Ability 68 魔法反擊 受到魔法攻擊時一定機率(30%)進行反擊 -
4Rarity-4 34 Ability 54 潰甲 攻擊一名敵人(1.2x)並在3回合內降低防禦(15%) 7
4Rarity-4 55 Ability 77 攻擊 +20% ATK +20% -
5Rarity-5 38 Ability 26 黑暗魔法 消耗發動者的HP(30%)對全體敵人發動攻擊(1.5x) 0
5Rarity-5 63 Ability 26 魔合擊 對1名敵人發動暗屬性綜合攻擊(1.3x) 12

魔法 编辑

稀有度 等級 圖片 名稱 效果 MP
4Rarity-4 18 Ability 6 吸血 魔法攻擊 (0.8x) 並吸收1名敵人的 HP(30%) 5
5Rarity-5 71 Ability 38 致死一擊 對1名敵人造成即死效果 (30%) 14


稀有度 名稱 效果
3Rarity-3 掠奪生命 最低: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (1.2x) 並吸收 HP (100%)
最高: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (1.65x) 並吸收 HP (100%)
4Rarity-4 噬血武裝 最低: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (1.4x) 並吸收 HP (100%)
最高: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (2.1x) 並吸收 HP (100%)
5Rarity-5 Death Scythe 最低: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (1.6x) 並吸收 HP (100%)
最高: 對全體敵人造成暗屬性物理傷害 (2.55x) 並吸收 HP (100%)


稀有度 素材1 素材2 素材3 素材4 素材5
4Rarity-4 Icon-Pearl of Wisdom知識之珠 (25) Icon-Esper Cryst魔幻結晶 (15) Icon-Luminous Horn燐光之角 (10) Icon-Scripture of Time時空教典 (5) Icon-Sacred Crystal神幻結晶 (5)
5Rarity-5 Icon-Luminous Horn燐光之角 (20) Icon-Scripture of Time時空教典 (10) Icon-Sacred Crystal神幻結晶 (10) Icon-Dragon Heart巨龍的心臟 (5) Icon-Holy Crystal神魔結晶 (5)

各階段 编辑

3Rarity-3 4Rarity-4 5Rarity-5
Unit-Duane-3 Unit-Duane-4 Unit-Duane-5

背景故事 编辑

3Rarity-3 A dark knight with arcane power. Duane was a loyal knight in service of a certain country who had reached an impasse in his sword fighting training. Wanting to grow further as a swordsman, Duane turned to the art of the dark blade as the suggestion of a superior. Afterwards he was proud to have reached a skill level on par with that of his comrades', but he was cast out by them upon his return, on the grounds that the use of dark magic was not befitting of a knight.
4Rarity-4 A dark knight with arcane powers who wielded a blade infused with magic. Duane learned dark magic as advised by a superior only to be shunned and feared by his peers for his newfound powers. Though he had sought only to grow stronger, the rejection he faced after acquiring his new abilities twisted his mind. He was ultimately banished from the country for slaying several of his erstwhile comrades.
5Rarity-5 A knight who wields a blade of dark power. Though Duane can control his prodigious powers as a vision now, the jealousy and malice he endured from his comrades while he was still alive has left his mind scarred. Once pure of heart and mind, his grief grew to such an extent that he eventually took his own life. His spirit now wanders the world as a vision seeking to make amends.

備註 编辑


  • 可獲得自稀有召喚