導覽 编辑


World-Edge of the Realm領域尖端
World-Peaceful Stream 靜謐溪流
World-Bright Forest 透光樹林   World-Clear Reef 潔淨暗礁
World-Cavern of Desolation 寂靜洞窟  World-Eternal Summit 無窮頂峰  World-Fading Coast 退潮海岸
World-Pass of Trials 試煉山脈  World-Endless Cliff 無盡絕壁

地圖 编辑

Map-Bright Forest
1 Icon-Holy Torch神聖火把
2 Icon-Elixir萬靈藥
3 Icon-Star Quartz石英星石
4 Icon-Star Quartz石英星石
5 Icon-Elemental Tear精靈之淚

任務 编辑

No. 任務名稱 獎勵
1 挑戰漂浮島 Icon-Rat Tail老鼠尾巴

挑戰漂浮島 编辑

No. 獎勵
1 Icon-Rat Tail老鼠尾巴
從位置 #1 接受任務。
Go to the following locations and defeat Moss Fungus:

Quest-Floating Island Challenge

兵員EXP指南 编辑

In order to gain the maximum amount of experience points possible, you must win all monster encounters available until obtaining a certain amount of gil. You can open the menu to keep track of the amount of gil you obtained from the dungeon. Because the amount of gil you can collect is predetermined, it will indicate your progress in defeating all available monster encounters.

If you want to clear the map completely:

  • Defeat all encounters until you have 20,590 Gil.
  • Defeat Shadow Bahamut, you should have 21,590 Gil before leaving the exploration.
  • You should conclude the dungeon exploration with a total of 21,850 Gil and 210,950 EXP.
Bright Forest
Battles Gil Unit Exp
Encounters 66 20590 200950
Shadow Bahamut 1 1000 10000
Dungeon Clear 260
Total 67 21850 210950

戰鬥資訊 编辑

體力 戰鬥數 Gil 兵員 Exp Rank Exp 過關報酬
25 67 21850 210950 500 -
完成任務 Lapis30
Defeat an epicure Lapis30
採集3個收集點 Icon-Star Quartz石英星石 (3)
Defeat shadow bahamut in the forest with a limit burst Icon-Wind Megacryst風之大結晶 (20)